Superior Ultra Nano Titan Technology In Pencco Paint


Ultra Nano Titanium technology is the core technology that creates the superiority and American class in the Pencco paint line. Let’s explore the values that this technology brings on the journey to building modern works

Learn about the primary element – Titanium:

Physical properties:

Titanium is white gray in color, malleable, melting and boiling temperatures are 1650oC and 3287oC respectively, so titanium has very good fire resistance. This is a lustrous metal with low density and high corrosion resistance, almost as effective as platinum. In particular, Titanium is considered a strong metal with a maximum tensile strength of up to 434 MPa, creating about 63000 psi, nearly equal to the strength of low-grade alloys.

Chemical properties:

Titanium is a dimorphic element that has a hexagonal shape and converts into a cube at a high temperature of 880˚C. Titanium is resistant to acidic solutions such as moist chlorine gas, chlorine solutions, hydrochloric acid and most organic acids. Titanium does not react with oxygen and water at room temperature because it tends to form a passive oxide coating, which acts as a protective agent, which can be as thin as 1-2 nm and as thick as 25 nm.

Titanium Dioxide structure used by Pencco:

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), also known as white titanium, is an oxide of titanium with the most characteristic and stable oxidation state of titanium (Ti4+). TiO2 is a powder, white, odorless and has electrical insulating properties. In nature, TiO2 does not exist in pure form but in mineral form such as feldspars, apatite, hematite, chlorite, micas, calcite, etc. An important property of TiO2 is its ability to absorb UV rays and other substances. causing harm, that is also the premise for Pencco to be creative in its paint.

Combination of TiO2 with American quality, resulting in outstanding Ultra Nano Titanium technology:

Taking advantage of the inherent special nature of TiO2, engineers in the United States have carefully researched how to combine TiO2 into the Pencco titanium paint line, to produce the most quintessential paint that can be exploited and applied. thoroughly the outstanding points from TiO2.

Superior air cleaning ability:

In Pencco titanium paint, TiO2 nanoparticles are produced at the ultra-small level, only 2 nm in size (nanometer), so the bond is very tight and multi-dimensional, easily penetrating deeply into the wall or concrete surface. cardboard, covering the entire contact surface, providing a perfect protective network.
It is that tight bond that helps prevent the penetration of bacteria, viruses, and mold molecules, preventing them from penetrating deep inside. From there, thanks to the strong oxidizing ability of TiO2 when exposed to UV irradiation, separating O, these elements under the cyclic action create short-term O3 bonds at “micro” points on the surface. wall surface, helping to remove bacteria and viruses that are “trapped” on the nano mesh, returning the space to a clean and safe space.


Not only disinfecting, TiO2 bonded membrane also has the ability to deodorize mold and VOCs. VOCs compounds can include formaldehyde, phenol, toluene, gas, gasoline, etc. They are often present in mosquito spray bottles, perfumes, cleaning solutions, disinfectants, cigarette smoke, .. Causes respiratory tract irritation, long-term accumulation in the body will cause damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. However, when those compounds hit the TiO2 mesh in Pencco titanium paint, they will immediately decompose on the wall surface, forming CO2 and other harmless substances, keeping the air fresh and comfortable.

Produces flawlessly beautiful titanium paint:

TiO2 in Pencco titanium paint has a harmony between brightness and opacity, thanks to its high refractive index, it can easily scatter visible light. From there, the color layer is shiny, vibrant and eye-catching. Besides, TiO2 has high coverage, fine particles and has better oil absorption than other materials, so wall or concrete surfaces painted by Pencco always produce exceptionally smooth results. outstanding, creating a visual impression, enhancing the space, full of luxury and class.

Self-cleaning ability, durable over time:

We often know that the surface of every material has different hydrophobicity, and depending on the contact angle of water with the surface, there will be corresponding assessments. But in general, no material has a wetting angle less than 10 degrees, except for materials that have been surface-modified with surfactants such as soap. However, TiO2 in Pencco titanium paint has special properties, it can change its structure to gradually reduce the contact angle to nearly 0 when exposed to UV light. Or to put it simply, the surface is no longer hydrophobic, water cannot condense into drops but spreads across the surface to form an ultra-thin layer, easily evaporating and leaving the wall dry.

From there, titanium paint also has the ability to resist dust when the environment changes. When it’s hot and the temperature is high, the paint doesn’t soften and dirt can’t penetrate inside; When it rains or is watered, dirt is easily washed away, returning the original beautiful, durable surface over time.

The true value of American-class Pencco paint

According to the pace of life, a good paint quality is not only judged by its external color, but also the core values that can help enhance life. And Pencco brings Ultra Nano Titanium paint technology to make the living space of every customer and every project around the world filled with joy and happiness, because Pencco titanium paint will help every architectural work become more elegant. Air filtration, antibacterial, deodorizing and waterproof to last over time, while still shining with vibrant, smooth and luxurious colors.