Why is UV-resistant paint increasingly popular on the market? To help customers who are still confused between many paint choices, Pencco will provide answers in the article below.

What is anti-UV paint?

Anti-UV paint is a type of paint specifically designed to protect surfaces from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. UV rays have the potential to damage a variety of materials and surfaces by causing fading, cracking, or reducing their durability.Anti-UV paint acts as a physical layer between the surface and the impact of UV rays, protecting the material from fading, cracking and damage. Thanks to that, it increases the lifespan and keeps the surface in the best condition. Often widely used in industries such as construction, manufacturing industry, exterior products, automobiles, and many other applications.

Why is UV-resistant paint important?

To understand the importance of UV-resistant paint, we first need to understand the common reasons why surfaces often lose color over time. Especially in Vietnam’s weather conditions, prolonged intense heat and high radiation index. 

When exposed to sunlight, the paint surface will be oxidized by a large amount of radiation and damaged. This entire process is called photodegradation.

  • Phase 1 is the photolysis cycle. Polymer (plastic) molecules in paint have the ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is often easy to vibrate and push the energy state higher than usual. From there, many unwanted free radicals are created.
  • Next is auto-oxidation. This stage begins with the reaction of free radicals with oxygen, forming peroxy radicals. All cause more free radicals to be produced, leading to a chain reaction that breaks down adhesive molecules.

In parallel, other additional reactions cause delamination and evaporation of the coating, reducing physical and chemical properties as well as performance, leading to internal surface corrosion. Understanding the above process, anti-UV paint has been researched to resist the effects of ultraviolet rays, prevent oxidation and minimize fading. This is why UV resistant paint becomes important.

Compare the difference between UV-resistant paint and regular paint

UV-resistant paint Regular paint
Main goal – Protect the surface from the effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun.
– Prevents fading, cracking and damage caused by UV rays.
– Provides color and creates a protective surface at a basic level
UV protection – Specially designed to protect against the effects of ultraviolet rays.
– Contains chemical compounds or nanoparticles that interact with UV rays and prevent them from penetrating the surface.
– Basic protection against the effects of weather and the environment, cannot effectively prevent the effects of UV rays.
Tính bền vững – Higher due to strong UV protection. – Relatively lower, especially when exposed to harsh environments and the effects of UV rays.
Application – Applications that require high-level UV protection, such as in architectural works, exterior products, automobiles, and outdoor surfaces. – Used in many interior paints, makeup, to general products, does not require special UV protection.

Applying HALS in the formula to create anti-UV paint of American – Pencco

Based on the mechanism of the steps in the photodegradation process that occurs with polymer molecules, Pencco’s team of experts has added a group of additives to neutralize and restrain this process. Specifically, it is the group that blocks the activity of free radicals – HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers).

When polymers are affected by UV rays, chain breaks occur, and unwanted free radicals form. And when there is the intervention of free radical blocking compounds (white waves), they will promptly change to an activated form surrounding the heated component. And quickly extinguishes free radicals as soon as they form. With the support of the HALS team, not only does it help the polymer to be sustainable, but it is also useful in resisting decomposition due to aging, or excessive mechanical impacts.

And thanks to the perfect combination of Titanium ingredients and Tinuvin 292 light-stabilizing compound, surfaces covered with American paint – Pencco will automatically form an AUV Lock barrier layer.

Introducing AUV-LOCK technology from superior anti-UV paint – Pencco

UV-LOCK technology is a significant advancement in the field of anti-UV paint. When used, this technology creates a physical barrier to protect the surface, preventing the effects of UV rays and other environmental factors on many types of surfaces.

Outstanding advantages

When the wall surface is covered with anti-UV paint with AUV-Lock technology, the substrate will always be firmly protected against the effects of ultraviolet rays, preventing the formation of free radicals and broken circuit chains. in paint molecules. From there, it helps prevent the paint film from being eroded and chalked, keeping its vibrant colors. Especially in changing weather conditions like Vietnam.

Besides, UV292 is a monomeric amine-based light stabilizer so it can enhance the gloss of paint. This compound will help the project always be brilliant, visually appealing from all angles, enhancing the value of life for users globally.

Pencco’s mission to protect the beauty of human heritage

With Pencco, the value of an American paint doesn’t just stop at aesthetics. Pencco’s guideline explores in depth the root of the problem to find the most superior solution. This mission is like a bright torch for the team of scientists at Pencco Research Institute to create timeless technologies. All aimed at preserving sustainable paint quality, and leaving behind masterpieces for humanity.

AUV-Lock technology provides an American-class anti-UV paint, preserving the smooth, shiny and brilliant appearance of the project over the years.

In short, anti-UV paint and AUV-LOCK technology play an important role in protecting and maintaining the surface. Understanding the features and applications will help you choose the best solution for your needs. With comprehensive protection and the ability to combine with a variety of surfaces, AUV-LOCK technology is an excellent choice for a variety of surface protection projects. If you want to understand more about the product or features of UV-resistant paint, please contact us immediately for free consultation via the following information:

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