The West Coast of the United States, typically the state of California, is famous for its harsh climate, hot and humid summers, very cold and snowy winters… requiring construction materials to be durable. , compatible high elasticity. Every year, the federal government pours billions of dollars into researching specialized technologies to help civil and military projects be sustainable and resistant to natural impacts. The West Coast of the United States is also famous for Silicon Valley, where corporations such as Google, Apple, Facebook, HP are located… and especially the world wonder of the Hoover hydroelectric dam, located on the Las Vegas – Grand road.

Research on concrete structures and osmosis mechanisms:

Concrete itself has a hollow capillary structure, allowing water, liquids and gases from the outside to move inside and spread throughout the structure. Specifically, the composition of concrete cement stone includes the main minerals: 2CaO.SiO2.mH2O, 3CaO.Al2O 6H2O, CaO.Fe2O3.mH2O, in addition to some other ingredients such as: Ca(OH)2, Mg (OH)2, etc. These hydroxides are susceptible to corrosion and dissolve when water penetrates. This impact leads to the leaching of non-strength substances, and changes in various physical and chemical properties that reduce the quality and durability of concrete.

Consequences when concrete and walls are wet for a long time:

– Unaesthetic: stains on the wall over time produce mold, creating ideal environmental conditions for bacteria to grow and develop, not only creating moss on the wall, causing loss of aesthetics but also affecting the aesthetics of the wall. to the health of the whole family.

– Not safe with wall-mounted devices: with modern house design, electrical lines in the house are often installed in the wall. When the wall surface is water-logged, it can easily lead to technical errors, damage or danger. More dangerous is short circuit and fire.

– Poor durability: moisture seeping deep inside the wall over time will weaken the concrete structure, significantly reducing the life of the project.

The superiority of Crystalline Coating technology from the US in Pencco paint:

This is technology at the molecular level, with the crystal being researched and developed over many years through microscopic engineering. The mechanism of this technology can be simply understood through 3 steps of waterproofing when Pencco paint comes into contact with the wall surface.

Crystallized penetrating chemicals contain Sodium Silicate and some other substances that promote permeability and promote waterproofing reactions, moving into the microscopic cracks and capillaries of concrete through movement. Brownian.

Active ingredients react with minerals in concrete, typically reacting with Ca(OH)2, forming insoluble mineral crystal fibers with a crystal structure, filling cracks, voids and The gap is up to 400 microns wide, creating a solid waterproof membrane to prevent seepage from all directions.

Laboratory test results:

The experiment was carried out in a laboratory with an average temperature of 250oC and air humidity of 85%. Waterproofing treatment for experimental samples was carried out according to the material manufacturer’s instructions.

After painting the concrete sample with Pencco paint with waterproofing technology, the structure was studied by monitoring on an electron microscope. Observe the structure of the sample over time.

Comment: From the photo, it shows that in the structure of concrete when painted with Pencco paint, white substances appear, which are very few in the control sample. This is proven that the phased crystal network is quickly formed and effectively fills the pores. It can be concluded that the concrete has been “equipped” with solid waterproofing.

Capacity goes hand in hand with ethics, creating a breakthrough in the market

By setting health standards at the highest level, Pencco’s solutions always go hand in hand with two factors: Safety and Quality, meeting customer needs. All testing goes from the laboratory to the environment, ensuring the practicality of the solution and consistent results in all conditions. The Crystalline Coating technology that Pencco developed fully meets the criteria for Construction Material Safety of the United States, with a typical waterproofing project for the Hoover Dam system, Nevada State. Pencco is proud to affirm that the classy Titan paint line provides reverse waterproofing – alkali resistance – salt resistance 10 times more effective than conventional alkali-resistant paint lines.