Product information

The perfect combination of end-to-end technologies in the US paint industry has created the Premium waterproof color Titanium S550 lineup, which is negative-side waterproofing and colorfast. ACC technology – American Crystalize Coating prevents water absorbed from outside meanwhile keeps evaporation easy, adheres to concrete, and cement, and has high wear resistance and alkali resistance. In particular, the Crystalize crystal system is permanent, it activates and regenerates whenever water is present, increasing the durability of the paint layer up to 10 times.

Technical data:

-Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Based on Acrylic membrane formation substance, active additives, and other subsidiary agents.

-Surface drying time: 30 – 60 minutes

-Completely dry: 6-12 hours (average temperature 30°C humidity of the environment is about 80%)

-Number of paint layers: 2 coats

-Theoretical coverage: 10 – 13 m²/ liter/coat, depends on wall surface


Surface preparation:

-Surface preparation: All surfaces must be dry and free of dust, grease, lime, and old paint.

– For new walls, a minimum of 25-30 days is required for stable cementitious structures. It is advisable to smooth the wall with high-quality mortar before application.


-Application: Add more amount of clean water maximum 5% to get a suitable liquid .

-When mixed with water, it must be used up.

-Use up the mixture after adding water. Apply 2 coats by smooth roller, brush. Allow at least 6 – 12 hours before recoating.

-It should be applied in good weather conditions don’t apply when the surface temperature is over 35°C and not less than 9°C.

-It is possible to cool the surface with a towel or a most roll, in case the dry weather can add a bit of water.

-Cleaning tools: Clean tools with water after use.

Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Place the paint can in a safe, upright position and close the lid tightly.

Health and save

No flammable, no lead, mercury, and other toxic substances should be safe for construction workers and users.

Note: The weight on the package may be with tolerance of ±2%