Product information

Originally used in aerospace coating technology, the Aircraft coating S650 is the highest quality product in Pencco’s collection of titan coatings. The S650 integrates three modern technologies simultaneously: Ultra Nano Titan, AUV, and ACC. The Ultra Nano Titan Plus technology combined with the Crystalize crystal structure prevents bacterial and fungal growth and provides absolute water resistance. The AUV-lock technology, exclusive to the S650, prevents external impact on the core molecules of the paint film, allowing for excellent self-cleaning properties, UV resistance, and a beautiful, vibrant, and super durable glossy finish.

Technical data
-Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Film-forming agent, mineral powder, water, additives, …
-Surface drying time: 30 – 60 minutes
-Completely dry: 6-12 hours (average temperature 30°C humidity of the environment is about 80%)
-Number of paint layers: 2 coats
-Theoretical coverage: 10 – 13 m²/ liter/coat, depends on wall surface.


Surface preparation:
– All surfaces must be dry, free from dust, grease, lime, and old paint.
– New walls need to be dry for at least 25-30 days under normal conditions (average temperature ≥ 30°C, humidity of the environment is about ≤80%).
– The wall surface has been rolled with at least 2 layers of alkali resistant paint S450 and allowed to dry
– Make sure 2 coats of alkaline resistant paint S450 are completely dry for 18-24 hours before rolling the first layer of super-gloss titanium paint S650.
-Apply 2 coats then let it dry completely for 18-24 hours before rolling the first coat of gloss.
-Add more amount of clean water 5 -10% to get a suitable liquid. If preparing exceeds indicated volume, it may reduce the quality of paint. Stirring well before painting. Use up the mixture after adding water.
-Apply 2-3 coats by smooth roller, brush. Allow at least 6- 12 hours before recoating.
-It should be applied in good weather conditions don’t apply when the surface temperature is over 35°C and not less than 9°C.
-Cleaning tools: Clean tools with water after use.

Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Place the paint can in a safe, upright position and close the lid tightly.

Health and save

No flammable, no lead, mercury, and other toxic substances should be safe for construction workers and users.

Note: The weight on the package may be with tolerance of ±2%